Special Curricular Program

DILS offers a special curricular program, TKUInformation Industry Employment Program, for all the graduate students of Tamkang University. The program is designed to develop professional expertise by placing qualified students in various business units.



  1. TKU graduate students
  2. At least 12 credits of the courses listed in the following Table are required
  3. Interview passed
  4. At least 200 hours of internship


Course Type Course Credit Remarks
Basic Research Methodology 2/0 At least 4 credits
Statistics for Information & Library Science 0/2
Introduction to Library and Information Science 2/0
Advanced Reader Service 3/0 At least 8 credits
Seminar on Children’s Library Services 3/0
Ebook Production and Applications 3/0
Library Administration and Management 0/2
Metadata and Its Applications in Digital Libraries 0/3
Technical Service 0/2
Developmental Bibliotherapeutic Service 0/2
Digital Publishing Business and Management 0/3
International Librarianship 2/0
Research on Digital Information Preservation 3/0
Seminar on Information Behavior 3/0
Human – Computer Interaction 3/0
Qualitative Research Methods 0/3
Seminar in Archival Studies 0/3
Informetrics 0/3
Seminar in Publishing and Information Research 0/3
Seminar in Digital Collection 0/3
Digital Publishing and Academic Communication 0/2
Archives Selection and Appraisal 0/3
Digital Content Industry and Library 3/0
Seminar in Digital Marketing and Information Services 2/0
Internship At least 200 hours