Future Prospect

11DILS focuses on applying new information and technology on all types of library services. DILS also aims to prepare students to become future librarians and information specialists who can conduct research related to library and information services, provide instructions, and work in an information service setting. Specifically, DILS is able to achieve this goal with its strong faculty and forward-looking course designs by incorporating the newest technology. Secondly, DILS courses are closely related to the needs and the development of the society. The research of the faculty also reflects both theoretical as well as practical aspects of the discipline. Essentially, our overall research areas cover the humanity and technology, with specific concerns on traditional technical services and applications in the library, information retrieval, digital publishing, information communication, technologies and applications related to multimedia, library automation, information network and system. DILS has a long-term working relationship with libraries and information centers. With this close partnership with the industry, it is our vision that our graduates will be competent professionals with strong library science background who are more than ready for future jobs.


  • DILS prepares students in accordance with the needs and development of the library community, with an emphasis on applying new media and technology on tradition library services. Based on the theories of library and information science, DILS takes the advantages of internet technology and uses it to extend the scope of information services.
  • DILS proactively works on developing courses to prepare students for new library and information services in a digital environment with updated IT courses.
  • DILS stresses on providing information content service to go with the ever important trend of digital libraries.
  • DILS continues to invite outstanding scholars to join the faculty to develop advanced IT related courses in order to expand course selections.


  • Publishing & Ciatations Research
  • Digital Archive & Digital. Humanities
  • Research on Library and Community Promotion
  • Information Services.

Career Prospects
Information service is an ever popular career choice for the 21th century. Library professionals are in great need for all levels of libraries and information centers; thus, job opportunities are very promising, including positions in libraries, information industries, communication industries, and government positions. For students who wish to go for advanced degrees, library and information science, journalism, and education related graduate schools are very close areas worthy of consideration.