The Department of Information and Library Science at Tamkang University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees leading to Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. The programs prepare students for careers in the government, business, schools, libraries or information centers, and research institutions through training in the techniques and applications of library and information science as well as multimedia technology. Tamkang University Library, with its extensive collections in many subject areas, offers support to the teaching and research programs in library and information science. In addition, the programs in communications and media technology actively provide students with the capability to deal with multimedia related to digital libraries. The areas of specialization are library automation, library collections, information organization, bibliographic references, management of information systems, information retrieval, automated reference services, information systems resource management, bibliometrics, digital image processing, multimedia production, electronic publishing and the book trade. A number of assistantships are available for part-time employment in the library, the Department, and other units on the campus.
11DILS focuses its attention on collecting, organizing, creating, saving, retrieving, and circulating the information. The research efforts are centered on these areas of concerns; in addition, the faculties also have extensive research interests in theory development as well as practical issues in the work environment, including the use of new media and technology related to information. As digital libraries become increasingly crucial, the faculties constantly offer updated courses, hands-on experiences, on and off campus internships for our students to acquire in-depth knowledge and needed skills for providing quality information services. The design of the courses gives students not only a broad range of varieties, but also equips students with strong theoretical background combined with the most up-to-date skills in all aspects of developing and managing digital libraries.
11The faculties of DILS aim to prepare outstanding students who possess knowledge as well as sufficient skills to accomplish any goals related to collect, organize, create, and use any types of data and information. Our students are competent, creative, and possess logical thinking, analytical skills, and excellent communication skills. Besides offering essential courses in library science, DILS also provides courses that are closely related to current development of the information society with great emphasis on digital libraries, multimedia, and applications of the Internet. The faculty and administrative team strongly believe the discipline of library and information sciences is with unlimited potential and are determined to create a welcoming learning environment for all interested students.